NPO historically focuses on the front end of the supply chain.  Supplying raw material and semi-finished materials to other optics manufacturers, contractors and integrators.  Products include wafers, prisms, lenses and even specialty crystals.  NPO provides these items at various stages of production.  Prefabricated into net shapes through polished ready to coat the mission of NPO is to provide high quality optics at cost points that make sense.  During the acquisition process the NPO team realized that there was a small niche in the market that they were well equipped to serve.  By utilizing the same cutting, grinding, shaping and polishing equipment NPO could provide customers a place to modify COTS optics.  Whether the designer needs a prism made out of a corner cube, a diameter reduced or a filter cut down from a larger size NPO can quickly modify most optics to meet the requirements.  The best part is the user gets the benefit of COTS lead-time and cost but in a customized fashion to fit their application.  This page details some of the products and services that NPO specializes in but by no means is this all of the services available today.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about this or any of the products and services available please contact a sales engineer.

COTS Optics Modifications

NPO is able to take optics from various companies and modify them to fit your needs.  Whether it be reducing a diameter or cutting a filter or even changing a radius on one side of the optic, NPO is capable of quickly producing optical component modifications saving time and money. If you have an optic that is close but not quite what you need please drop us a line and we will see what we can do to help!

IR Materials

NPO is a supplier of IR materials in bulk, semi-finished and polished states.  Whether you need silicon wafers or germanium lens blanks NPO can help.  We have multiple qualified sources for each material and do the sourcing so that you are able to save time and money.  Fabrication is often a difficult process to justify but buying finished components reduces the margins significantly.  Let NPO bridge this gap by providing polished parts ready for coating.  Prisms, radius parts, flat work any shape size or configuration give us a call we are willing to work with you to get what you need.

Wafer Production

NPO also provides all types of optical wafers in quantities from prototype to full scale production.  Have a large job and need BK 7 wafers let us show you how we can load level you process through lean Kanbans which allow you to pull material as needed saving the ordering hassle and creating just in time work flow.  Machined wafers are available as well.  High quality scratch dig and flatness a concern no problem we can provide wafers that meet the most stringent of specifications.

Optical Blank Fabrication

NPO also provides semi-finished optical components.  Not happy with molded optics that you still have to send through production or wanting to save money over the traditional methods of optical fabrication?  NPO has experience with new more efficient processes that can save you time and money while producing a product that will fit directly into your production line.  Reach out today with your specification and let NPO show you how much you can add to your bottom line.

Metal Component Fabrication

NPO is now offering metal component fabrication to optical tolerances.  With the integration into Salvo Technologies NPO was able to provide new services and products.  One of the new product lines is metal component fabrication.  By utilizing the in house machining capability of Salvo Technologies NPO is able to serve yet another niche.  Finding metal manufacturers that understand optical tolerances is often difficult.  Now NPO is able to be your go to supplier for these tough to source parts.  Whether its aluminum or titanium or anything in between let us help you bring your project in on time and under budget.